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Expediting Documents Through Foreign Legalization Bureaucracy


About AMES, INC.

         American & Middle-East Services, Inc. (AMES, INC.) was established in 1978. We are a firm located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area providing a wide range of services covering all the countries of the world.  Our services include the following:
  • Visa processing
  • Translation
  • Document legalization (Bills of Lading, Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices, and more)
  • Document authentication (Agreements, Articles of Incorporation, Assignments, Patent & Trademark, Certificate of Pharmaceutics Product (CPP-FDA), Certificate of Foreign Governments (CFG-FDA), Certificates of Analysis, Free Sale Certificates, Good Standing Certificates, Power of Attorney, Price Lists, Birth Certificates, Diplomas,Marriage Certificates, and more)
  • Document certification covering all of the countries of the world. 

         We are within close reach to the embassies and consulates in the Nation's capital, the Chambers of Commerce, the U.S. State Department and all federal government agencies.

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Alexandria, VA 22302


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